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The Best Manual Snow Pusher!

  • Turn your hand truck into a rolling snow shovel on wheels!
  • No lifting or tossing!
  • Easily push snow & leaves!
  • Easily stacks snow!
  • Quickly attaches to most heavy duty hand trucks (aka, dollies).
  • Uses the leverage of your hand truck to push & stack snow.
  • Made in the USA
  • 2-Year Warranty!


Push snow or leaves without lifting!  Use the leverage of your hand truck to make these chores easy.


Environmentally friendly.  No oil or gasoline required. Quiet.  Won't wake your neighbors.


Comes fully assembled.  Attaches to a standard hand truck in under 30 seconds.

Turn Your Hand Truck Into A

Snow Shovel With Wheels!

How To Attach ClearPlow Snow Pusher To A Hand Truck & Other Helpful Operational Tips

Introducing ClearPlow® HD-Commercial Snow Pushers Designed for Contractors & Business Owners

Why Invent a new Snow Pusher?

Being in the commercial snow plowing business for more than twenty years, I often thought there had to be a better way to 'shovel' snow. We've all purchased products that didn't work as advertised, were complicated to assemble — or worse yet — broke the first time you used them! It was important to me to develop a snow pusher that was simple, sturdy, useful — and simply put — did what it said it would do! In addition to pushing snow, the ClearPlow pusher easily pushes piles of leaves onto a tarp or out into the street.

High Quality

No Lifting

Very Tough

Fun To Use

Read What Our Clients Say About Their ClearPlow Snow Pushers


Order Your Snow Pusher Today!

Simple Steps Prior To Ordering:

  1.  Confirm that your hand truck is a traditional hand truck (best if 800-1,000 lb. capacity). We do not recommend using the 'convertible', light duty, or plastic model hand trucks. For best results, please review the hand truck styles we feel work best with our product. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.
  2.  Measure the width of your hand truck's lift plate. Our products will attach to either a 14" or 18" wide hand truck lift plate.
  3. Choose how wide you would like the snow pusher to be: 24" or 36".
  4. Checkout our FAQs for other helpful tips.

ClearPlow Snow Pushers come with a Limited 2 Year Warranty.

Interested in learning more?

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Turn Your Hand Truck Into A Snow Shovel With Wheels!
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