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Best Snow Pusher For Your Hand Truck

The ClearPlow® snow pusher takes the ‘Ow!’ out of clearing snow (and piles of leaves).

Designed to clear away lighter snow accumulations from walks and driveways, and with an average set up time of just 30 seconds, the ClearPlow pusher will take you from ‘oh, no’ to no snow in record time. Push piles of leaves onto a tarp or out to the curb with ease!

Designed and manufactured in the U.S.A. from durable, top-quality materials, and attachable to most standard (800-1,000 lb) hand trucks without the use of any tools or modifications, ClearPlow snow pushers turn something you HAVE to do into something you WANT to do.

This turns your hand truck into the best snow pusher with wheels!

Need to use that hand truck to move something? No problem! The no-hassle disassembly will have you ready to go in mere seconds.

Save time, energy, and your back. When it comes to snow removal that keeps you ahead of the storm, the choice is clear!

Turn Your Hand Truck Into A Snow Shovel With Wheels!

Important — Prior to Ordering:

  1. Please review the recommended hand truck styles to use with our product for the best experience.
  2. Please be sure to measure the width of the lift plate on your hand truck (side to side). Our snow pushers are designed to fit a 14" wide hand truck lift plate, or an 18" wide lift plate. Our models designed to fit an 18" wide lift plate can in fact slide over the 14" lift plate of a hand truck, however, they will not securely or properly attach.
  3. Important information regarding sale taxes and duties

Product Info:

  • ClearPlow® Snow Pushers will attach to either a 14" or 18" wide hand truck lift plate.
  • Product is available in a 'home-owner' lighter-duty version, or a 'heavy-duty commercial' version.
  • Product is available in either a 24" or 36" width (+/- 1/4").
  • Replaceable cutting edges are available.
  • Two Year Limited Warranty
  • Hand truck not included

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Turn Your Hand Truck Into A Snow Shovel With Wheels!
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