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I am very satisfied with the ClearPlow Snow Pusher. I have a long gravel driveway which makes shoveling snow a challenge. We recently had 5-6” of wet, heavy snow and the ClearPlow moved it with much less effort and time than my old snow shovel. I did two passes, once after about 3” had fallen and then again when it was done snowing. I lifted the blade slightly in order to not get into the gravel but when I did catch gravel I stopped, lifted the edge up slightly and continued on. This process did not cause that much added time. When I was finished I inspected the blade edge and did not see any damage to it all. The SnowPusher is not that heavy and with my wheeled dolly it greatly reduced the physical effort required. I also used it on my cemented areas with very little effort required. If you have a fairly good dolly to attach the SnowPusher to I would highly recommend this product.

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Turn Your Hand Truck Into A Snow Shovel With Wheels!
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