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I finally got a chance to use my new ClearPlow HD Commercial Snow Pusher, with about 3 inches of new powdery snow here in Cedar Rapids last night. It worked well, except for a minor issue: The plow 'catches' on the unseen edges of the pavement and in the expansion joints of the sidewalk and driveway. This can be seen in a couple of places in the video, above. If you are not expecting it, the plow can suddenly stop in the joint. If you have any kind of momentum going, a sudden stop could be problematic. Fortunately, I was able to anticipate the joints and take the appropriate action (lifting the front of the plow slightly to compensate). Aside from that, ClearPlow HD was a joy to work with, and moves a lot of snow very quickly. I'm looking forward to the next snowfall so I can work on my technique. Fun? Not exactly. It was more fun to watch my neighbor take twenty minutes with a shovel to clear his entire driveway. I was done in a few minutes.

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